Jeff Crippen is Unsafe

*****Trigger Warning*****

What I present in the linked document may be triggering for domestic abuse survivors. I take no enjoyment in writing this, but I must warn abuse victims/survivors to preclude Jeff Crippen from hurting anyone else. Jeff is the man he preaches against.

Jeff Crippen is Unsafe


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11 thoughts on “Jeff Crippen is Unsafe

  1. Hi Sister, I saw this post on Twitter.
    What is your position on re-blogging your post? Do you allow others blogger to re-blog it?

    By the way, if I ever re-blog someone else’s blog post, I give full citation and link back to the original post.

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  2. Sister – I believe you did the right thing before God and before victims/survivors in writing this.

    Truly, you also extended **genuine** Christian kindness and feedback to Jeff Crippen, TWBTC, (Rachel Miller, and others) by holding up an (undistorted) mirror to them, offering the opportunity to humbly examine their hearts and behavior, and to repent, change, and grow.

    Just as you took no enjoyment in writing it, it wasn’t enjoyable to read, but *necessary*. Thank you for investing so much time and integrity into carefully writing this post.

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      1. Gany, Sorry, I’m new at this blog stuff and was looking at the comments from the “back end”. When I wrote the above thank you, I thought I had failed to thank you yesterday and just now I see that I already had thanked you. Oh well, today’s thank you went in to more detail of how much I appreciated your comment. 🙂


  3. A survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse has written his response to Sister’s article, and given me permission to share it. He says:

    I have just finished reading “Sister’s” PDF outlining the behaviour of Jeff Crippen and his attacks on Barb. I was aware of some of it over the last year or so and wondered about the utility of reading a 75 page account of that history. I’m very glad I took the time to do so. It is a tour de force.

    Sister is to be congratulated on her painstaking assembly of the pattern of behaviour of this man. These manipulators are so hard to expose because you need to document this long term pattern of manipulation particularly because much of the manipulation relies on what is NOT said and should have been. As well, there is the emotional provocation using baseless assertions and appealing to false or irrelevant authority.

    To write this takes patience, persistence and constant focus on what is important. Not to mention assembling it all in a manner that is easy to follow. Sister countered Crippen’s non-sense with evidence, examples of his own words, and logic. As I said, a Tour de Force!

    The strong and abiding impression I am left with is Jeff Crippen’s very un-Christian behaviour; accusing Barb of doing exactly what he is doing. In strong contrast to this is Barb’s very Christian and forbearing response to this abusive and disorienting behaviour. Impressive.

    As a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse, I particularly appreciate Barb’s courage in standing up to those in authority and those that speak for them (including Jeff, of course) in validating SRA survivors (particularly Fiona Barnett) and our stories. As Sister insightfully asks, how can it be satanic to shine a light on satanism and satanists? And from a Christian pastor, no less?! Did not Jesus tell us that satan is the ruler of this world? If satan rules the world how else could he do that except through the secular authorities (the people Jeff follows on his Twitter A/c?) and those religious leaders who are in lock-step with them?

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